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 Posted: Fri Mar 28th, 2008 07:28 pm
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As technology has gotten better, the quality of scanners has steadily improved. From time to time when I get a library copy of a book I really want, I've scanned it into my computer so I would have a copy of it. About 90 percent of the time it has been a book that is out of print although some are still in print but are very expensive. For example, there is a book on Lincoln's assassination that used I could get for about $50 or $60 and $85 new. Obviously, I can get it for free from the library. I guess I'm wondering about the ethics of this.

Books that are out of print don't bother me as much, because the author doesn't get any money from Alibris or Abebooks. Sometimes the cost of shipping the book is unreasonable (I mean, does it really cost $9 to ship a $2 book?) and sometimes the book is just plain hard to find. On the other hand, a book that is in print, even if it is expensive, causes me a problem. If my book is ever published, I want to be able to get as much compensation that is coming to me, yet in this real world I'm not made of money. I spend far more on books in a year than some people do on food and with the cost of gas going up everyday, I have to cut somewhere. I'm not trying to make any money with this but am trying to save.

So, what do you think?


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