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 Posted: Sat Mar 29th, 2008 02:46 am
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I enjoyed the review that you posted.  I find it truly amazing, from a cinematic viewpoint,  that this movie was made in 1915.  The clips from BoaN that the documentary showed, and the list of ground-breaking cinematic advances, were really amazing to me.  I couldn't believe the battle scene was from 1915!  Really liked this quote frome the review:

 "...allow me to rewind to a different quote from James Agee: "The most beautiful single shot I have seen in any movie is the battle charge in 'The Birth of a Nation.' I have heard it praised for its realism, but it is also far beyond realism. It seems to me to be a realization of a collective dream of what the Civil War was like..."

I am going to make it a priory to see it now, as it certainly seems deserving of study on many levels, for better or worse. 

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