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 Posted: Sat Mar 29th, 2008 04:30 am
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I got this idea from reading Ashbel's post on the Son of Qualities.... thread.  It reads, in part:

Has anyone else read the biography of John Boyd: "Boyd: The Fighter Pilot that Changed the Art of War"?  I have mentioned it several times but without a hint of recognition.  IMHO this is probably the best book at helping to understand modern military strategy and tactics. 

It got me thinking, it seems most everyone I know has discovered a special treasure of a book that they more than wish to recommend to others - one that they really  wish others would read. 

I've discovered things I never would have found on my own when someone thrusts his-or-her special discovery of a book into my hands and says, "Read This!"

So, I'm wondering:   If YOU out there could have others here, on this board, read one book that is special to you, which would it be?


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