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 Posted: Sat Mar 29th, 2008 06:55 am
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" Must look good on a horse." 


As I understand it, Robert E. Lee was a bit vain about looking good on horse.  As I understand it, one of his "weaknesses" was enjoying being admired by women.

It is a common story, and I'm sure someone can bring it up in it's enjoyable entirety -  but the story Of General Lee, post war, interacting with two wide-eyed and admiring young women as he sat on Traveller.   And,  Traveller whinnied and bucked and seemed althogether a bit wild, so that Lee seemed quite a masterful horseman.  And, it turned out, the whole time, Lee was almost impercetively needling Traveller with Lee's spurs, so as to wild the horse and impress the ladies, LOL!

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