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 Posted: Sun Mar 30th, 2008 06:07 am
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Once again joining the party late, as seems more and more the trend with time such a valuable commodity at the present.

Seems like enough has been said on the subject about what makes a great general great through the ages. As to the question of Generals transcending their time and place in being "great" regardless of what time they are put in, I don't think I saw what I believe to be the most important component in making this either true or untrue: Political WILL of the populance. The will of the people at home to support and/or of those same to fight is without a doubt the most important factor.

So what if Ghengis was well suited to fight in Iraq if those people (in this case American citizens) are unwilling to support his methods of warfare? As bad as many American citizens react to the idea of a certain prison camp in Cuba, how much support do you think Mr. Khan would have with his "interesting" style of warfare?

What about the Italians during WW2? Who knows, if their people were as ready and willing to fight as say, the Gernmans, we might be throwing Italianames into the mix with Rundstedt, Rommel, Montgomery, Patton, and Zhukov?

Men like Forrest could be argued to be an anachronism of their day, a remider of warfare (in the European sense) of days past. Ironic,in that Forrest would be better suited, most likely, to warfare in the present?


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