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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 12:02 am
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I think it can be measured Ole, although seemingly in only the most extreme of examples. Some generals inspire, as you say, through victory. Others, like little Mac, seemed to have a natural gift to instill pride in those under and around him. Of course, the popularity of that General was not universal, but the tangible effect he had following first Manassas is simply not up for debate. Unfortunatle for Mac, too few of those other characteristics mentioned by posters can be attributed to him.

Having said that, how does one measure those with less demonstrable direct effect on others. How does one counter said effect with that of the natural frame of mind of that time period, the medias role of those times, and etc? Perhaps another with greater time and capacity than myself could shed some light on the subject-but I, like you, are at a loss in finding an answer. Your comparison to that other attribute, luck, seems, at least to me, well founded.


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