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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 02:24 pm
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Almost the entire battlefield of Honey Hill and the miles of related earthworks are contained within one plantation.
Recently the Board of Directors of this plantation have decided to open the plantation to commercial and residential development. One of the ways they are doing this is to allow themselves to be annexed into the Town of Ridgeland, SC.
While the agreement specifies a large amount of the area to be held in conservation, none of the land is under any kind of easement. The town and BOD are aware of the earthworks, at least the major ones.
What they don't seem to be up to speed on is the entire battlefield area. This was defined in a National Register study a number of years ago.
What the fear is, that the Town or property owners will protect the main earthworks but ignore the boundaries of the battlefield itself.
To this I am asking everyone to please write to the Town of Ridgeland, Matthew Brady Director of Planning, One Town Square, PO Box 1119, Ridgeland SC 29936 asking him to respect the boundaries of the National Register District.
If we can't get this acknowledged we may end up with another McMansion overlooking the battery on the very site where so many gave their lives.
It is simple and easy, please support this cause and please spread the word.

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