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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 05:20 pm
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Appreciate your input. I guess the biggest difference as I see it is that I'm not making 30 copies (or even more than the one I plan to use for myself). I agree with you that the professor who does that is wrong (and probably would be reprimanded by the school he or she teaches at). Just curious though as to how it is different from taking a book out of the library and reading it? The book is paid for by the library and the author is compensated. All I'm doing is taking advantage of the technology as it exists. Would it make a difference if I sat down and copied the book entirely in longhand?

Not trying to be argumentative here, because I don't necessarily disagree with you entirely, but what about buying books from a used book store? The author isn't compensated for that sale, but was for the original purchase. I don't feel guilty about that, because the situation wasn't of my creation. As a (hopeful) author I would like to get paid every time my book sells, but as one who has spent several years around the used book business, I know that will never happen.

Should I not take advantage of the technology in what I see as the same type of situation? I didn't make scanners nor did I make photocopiers, but they are here. I realize I'm trying to rationalize my own behavior, but the point that I would draw the line at is that I wouldn't do it for a book that was in print, reasonably priced ($85 for the book that I described is not reasonably priced) and widely available. I guess that makes me a thief with ethics :).


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