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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 05:44 pm
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It is beyond an ethical issue, it is a legal issue that violates the law.

If we sent one of us to buy a book and then all of the rest of us made a copy for "our personal" use the book sellers and authors would be hosed. The sale of one book is not compensation enough. Booklover, using technology as your excuse makes you sound like a pimple faced kid stealing music, it's very unbecoming of you ;). Who are you to dictate the price of anything in a free economy?  If the price is too high, don't pay for it, but for heaven's sake don't steal it! If you put your house on the market for what I deem to be too high a price, does that allow me to move in and occupy it?

Property rights my friend, it's what the country was founded on and how it should be until Obama becomes president and institutes socialism, then you can steal books with impunity ;).

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