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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 07:36 pm
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Let me throw this discussion in a bit of a different direction. I have access to a major university's database of electronic library sites through a friend who attends there. While I'm not a student there, I do pay taxes in that state. I can't get access to it, the university says, because I don't pay them tuition or fees, yet my tax money helps keep them going. Through this access, I can get copies of journal articles that otherwise would cost me money to copy and I also have access to databases that help me in my research. Problem?

I say no, because the access is paid by the friend, who through her own free will has allowed me to use her log-in code. Had she said she was uncomfortable with doing that, I wouldn't have access to it. So is anyone getting hurt in this scenario? I'm getting the research material I need (for free), the university is getting her money and part of my taxes are used to help support that university. I can't see the harm to anyone here.


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