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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 08:07 pm
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IMHO, we are in a nebulous area here. Who owns the access code? Your friend may not have the authority to give out the code and may be in jepardy of losing acdcess to the site if caught! What, if any, instructions and admonitions came with the code when she/he received it?
The fact that you pay taxes and the University benefits from them is immaterial. My taxes go to support the governor's airplane, yet I'll bet the chances of me getting a ride on it are up there with the chances of the Pope giving birth to triplets.

Beyond that, it is to my way of thinking, a splitting of hairs. A little bit dishonest? A little bit pregnant?
different generations seem to set the bar at different places, but for me the act of scanning, copying or otherwise reproducing the work of others is theft. You have to come to grips with what lets you sleep at night.

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