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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 09:01 pm
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The university will not allow me to pay the price because I'm not a student there. I've asked. The only way I can use the database is while visiting. Since I'm limited in my travel ability, having access to it for just one day helps me as much as having a bucket to empty the ocean. I work on my book everyday and need access to various items everyday.

I have unlimited access to most state supported services all the time. I drive on their roads, although I don't own them. I use their libraries, although I don't own them. At one time, I used one of their university dorms, although I didn't own it. The reason is because I pay taxes. Whether my taxes go as far as your tuition does isn't relevant. My taxes are used in their budgeting and at least part of it goes to pay for those services I am denied.

As a resident of this state, my taxes entitle me to free library privileges in every state-supported university. That means I can, with a valid card, go to their facility, check out a book, and use it with the same privileges that a student has (albeit for not as long). Why, then, can't I have access to the same database, from my home, that students, faculty and staff also have.


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