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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 09:13 pm
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If I came off a moralistic, 'twas not my intention. I rather doubt Blago would let ANYBODY play with his toy.
You use an interesting phrase, "The university allows her the code to help her in her work"... nowhere in there does the university allow her the code to help YOU in your work, nor does the University say she can give the code to folks who need it...

Wether the University is or is not harmed hy her actionin loaning you the code is immaterial...altho, since most systems can only handle so much traffic, what would you say if a student could not get necessary data because you were the one that tipped the system?
The state is not harmed because I don't wear a seatbelt... that did not stop that damned cop who gave me a ticket for it last week, tho... such is life

As I said before, You have to decide what you will and will not do. I am not trying to be moralistic...I may do some things you would find absoutley wrong, just as I find this wrong.


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