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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 09:24 pm
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I guess I should have put some more winkies in there or left out the political commentary. I wasn’t chiding you but I was pointing out what you are doing is illegal.

You are talking about an area I have to be expert in to put food on my table, so excuse my taking a strong stand on it. As a journalist and budding author you should be on my side, as the law will protect your ability to make a profit off the intellectual property you produce. It’s obvious from your reply that you do not understand the intricacies of Intellectual Property law. That is not an indictment of you, by the way, because many aspects of IP law still need to be worked out in the courts. But to address your points, I have created CDs as backups—not for distribution to friends and that is legal per the courts even if MCA doesn’t think it should be. I have borrowed and lent books with friends, that does not violate copyright law because I give them or obtain the original work I purchased—I don’t make a copy. Copyrights have a very long life and the Sonny Bono legislation increased those even longer for older works. There are memoirs of Civil War personalities that are still protected by copyright depending on renewals and when the personality died. There are very few books one could copy with impunity without contacting who now owns the copyright.

Bama has already said it well, but I’ll just add this as to your friend, I have no doubt she signed some sort of an agreement to obtain the key to the university archives. I also have no doubt that it includes language that she will not share the key with anyone else. If she has shared the key with you, she may be in violation of the law as she is dealing with a public university but she is undoubtedly subject to civil action if she violated her NDA or license agreement. If the university wanted everyone to have access they would be issuing unrestricted keys.

As to your rationale that you pay taxes, I can’t speak for your state but in my state, public taxes only support about 13% of the operating costs of the university now, the rest comes form students and their families through tuition and fees. Public Universities are becoming less and less public.

Please don’t take this as chiding and heaven forbid don’t take it as legal advice ;)

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