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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 10:39 pm
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Boy, sure is a lot of high-faluting, big intellectual-like words being spoke here. But I'm just a simple folk. so bear with me while a use some smaller words ;)

Have to admit I don't understand the dillema. Scanning books is stealing. I hate to be that simplistic, but sometimes simplicity is truth. So if you don't want this to be a legal argument, but rather a moral and ethical one, you have to ask yourself if you're morally and ethically OK with stealing. I really hate to disagree with Booklover, since he's one of the few that agrees with me on other issues;) 

Copyright doesn't state that you can steal the contents of this book as long as it's for your own use.

I really would like to add to the very well thought out and worded posts in this thread, but lots of words don't make it so. Just my opinion of course.

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