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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 11:15 pm
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Your argument is well-taken. I guess in my heart, I can live with what I'm doing, or I wouldn't be doing it. If there is a hereafter, that's one of the many things I probably will have to answer for. But I would never hold it against anyone who disagrees with me. Like I told Ed, it seems like on most issues we are on opposite sides, but I respect and admire his willingness to state his opinion and hold to it. I guess the reason I started this thread was because there are areas where I'm not willing to cross the line, and wondered where that area was for others. As a bookseller, I have access to new books that I can take home and read, in order to make me better able to hand-sell them. I have to return the book in a salable condition. I would never scan that book into my computer, because even though the bookstore has bought it, I haven't. Some would argue that I'm being a relativist, but the author has yet to see any money just because the store bought it. I can see the dividing line there and its a line I'm not willing to cross. Some might argue that makes me a hypocrite, and it's not a charge I take lightly. But I guess for me, the bottom line is that taking a book from a library, where the author and publisher have been paid, allows my conscience to rest easier. While some may argue the fact that I'm not the only one doing it doesn't make it right, I just came across a passage that I agree with. The English poet Abraham Cowley (1611-1667) once wrote "Fill all the glasses there, for why/Should every creature drink but I, Why, man of morals, tell me why?"

Thanks to everyone who has commented. Unless there's something I just feel a need to answer, this is my last post on this subject.


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