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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2008 11:17 pm
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As the owner of the Intellectual Property you have every right to "give it away" or let anyone copy it all you want. That's the beauty of property rights and our system. the whole basis of the open source software concept, which despite being intended to "give it away" puts some obligations and potential problems on the users (but that's another story). But just because you decide to open up your front yard to let the neighborhood kids play football on your lawn doesn't give you or them the right to play on my yard even though it is inferior to your yard even by my standards. What you think is right for your property may not be right for me and I have every right to dictate the use, price and conditions for use. As a business entity I may not survive with my terms but it is my right to be that way.

Conceding that you make a point about moral versus legal, I would still say morally it is wrong because you are taking what is mine, that I have put into a convenient format for your use and you have rewarded me by misusing my property in direct violation of my explicit directions for its use. You have betrayed my trust. Money has nothing to do with that.

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