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 Posted: Tue Apr 1st, 2008 08:19 am
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This has been an excellent discussion of the most critical questions of the digital age.  Who owns what?  Just because the technology exists to copy content, does one have the right to do so?  How can that content be used and how should it be paid for?  At the end of the day the existence of all originators of original content will be determined by how we answer these questions.

For example, when I said "pay the price" I did not mean pay the university to use the database.  The university is a licensee of the owner of the database and is prohibited from "selling" it to a third party.  "Pay the price" means paying the original owner of the content.

My prediction is that we will see dramatic increases in the technology to catch the digital thieves and the technology to protect content.    That will be coupled with an increase in civil and criminal legal remedies against those that  misuse  others  intellectual property.

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