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 Posted: Tue Apr 1st, 2008 11:40 pm
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Bama I was lucky enough to see Janis twice in concert , once with
Big Brother and once with full Tilt Boogy Band.  I also got to see her playing free in the park the afternoon after the concert with Big Brother .  That was the best of the concerts.  She put her whole heart and soul into the songs.   On the early album Women are Losers and Down on Me were the best .  A great talent.  I also do love Me and Bobby Mcgee  Interesting that she turned a song about a guy in love with a woman into a woman in love with a man.  I like her verision better that Kristofferson's. 

Joan Baez was always a favorite.  For many years I never missed her concerts. Even went to one with a concussion .  That is a story in itself.  She always gave a full nights money worth of songs.  Her voice so clear and beautiful.  Her sister Mimi and Mimi's husband Richard Farina were also favorits of mine . Their three albums made before Richard was killed are high on my list of the time.  I have most of these songs on my ipod .  Funny I have the albums, the cds to replace the albums , tapes of some which are long gone , tapes don't last well, and now they are on my iPod.  When Joan Baez sings the Night they drove Old Dixie Down I am singing away with her in my car.  Good thing noone can hear me. 

Always start all road trips with Wille and On the Road again. 

Sooooo much good music.  It was the best of times it was the worst of times. 


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