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 Posted: Wed Apr 2nd, 2008 05:50 am
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Dixie Girl,

Are you familiar with ?  It's (according to its website) "the world's leading independent, multichannel Internet radio station,* featuring over 300 channels and subchannels".  It would be an easy FREE source for you to use to listen to OLDIES, "A Flock of 80's", Jazz, Urban, Country and SO much more.  What I particularly enjoy is that most songs are linked to the CD from which they originate and those icons are linked to amazon or some site from which you can make a purchase.  In the past two years I've discovered many artists who were completely unknown to me before accuradio.  As a matter of fact, every CD I've ordered in the past two years has been as a result of my having heard them on this service.  Libera, Leahy, Gary Remal and more are now in my collection.  Yes, I've taken a real liking to Celtic and the Textures (relaxing) stations. :cool:

Best regards.


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