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 Posted: Wed Apr 2nd, 2008 10:03 am
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Confederates in the Attic was actually recommended to me by a friend who has no real interest in the Civil War .  She knew I was interested . I was visiting her in the east .  We were doing what we love to do . Trolling a bookstore recommending books to each other .  I walked out with Confederates in the Attic.  She walked out with a mystery I had just read and recommended .  Has a WW1 setting to it .  Maise Dobbs . 

None Civil War books I would recommend to others are a book from the 50's called The Ninth Wave by Eugene Burdick.  I read it the summer before college.  That year all my friends were reading it because I made them.  There is a discription of going up the Ridge Route over the mountains and down the Grape Vine into the Great Central Valley of California that I think of everytime I take Interstate 5 to Northern California.  I hit the Grape Vine and think of the description as I see the valley laid out before me as I wind down though the canyon. 

The other book is a real strange one that Marie and I were talking about the other night.  It is called Trout Fishing in America written in the 60's by Richard Bradigan.  It is not about Trout Fishing in a way it is though.  It is a series of story.  My favorite being a teacher is the Trout Fishing in America Terrorist (third graders who write in chalk in the first graders back Trout Fishing in America)  Third Graders always hassle first graders it is a given.   The other story is The Cleveland Wrecking Yard where the main character goes to buy a trout stream.  Told you it was strange. 

My brother bought me this book for my birthday.  He had trout fishing in American painted on his guitar case.  This being my last year of college I was given all my friends this book for a gift . 


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