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 Posted: Fri May 5th, 2006 02:57 pm
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On the 3rd of October this brigade broke through a gap in the Union entrenchments on Oliver Hill and flanked Brig. Gen. John McArthur's brigades out of their position. He attacked McArthur's second position and drove back a brutal counter attack. They pushed on to Battery F and forced Marcellus Crocker's Iowa brigade from the field. The next morning Moore's men led the doomed attack on Battery Robinett, charging that bastion three times while the 15th and 23rd Arkansas swung around Stanley's line and entered the city all the way to the railroad crossing. Few made it back out. The next day at Davis Bridge the remnants of the brigade, 350 men, joined the 1st Texas Legion to halt the advance of a fresh Union division arriving from Tennessee. Less than 100 made it safely back across the bridge.

I would put this brigade alongside any of the more famous eastern units. They earned it. But who has ever heard of them?


I agree. Corinth is a forgotten battle all together.

I would also say that the word "overrated" has very little meaning any more


I disagree. Pac-10 football is overrated.

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