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 Posted: Wed Apr 2nd, 2008 08:25 pm
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Just something to ponder about Grant's presidency. During his first administration he was instrumental in ratification of the 15th amendment which prohibits government from using race, color of previous status as a slave as a qualification to vote. If nothing else, that makes Grant the first legislative civil rights president.

He also restored cordial relations with Great Britain, which had been strained during the Civil War, and broke the efforts of Jay Gould and Jim Fisk to corner the gold market; in the Panic of 1873, he vetoed an inflationary expansion of the money supply, a move that ultimately reestablished a strong currency; and he was also instrumental in stopping the systematic slaughter of Native Americans. Jean Edward Smith writes in his biography of Grant: " His decision in 1869 to pursue peace, not war, helped to save the American Indian from extinction.'

Grant was the first president in 40 years, since Andrew Jackson, to fully serve two consecutive terms, which must say something about his abilities. I think his presidency gets a bad rap because of some corrupt individuals in his administration, and not because of his own lack of character.

Just something to consider.

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