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 Posted: Thu Apr 3rd, 2008 02:35 am
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Johnny Huma
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Being a Musician and playing bars, carnivals, amusement parks for over 25 years (now retired or just tired) I will tell you the best music for crowd response..If it were my mp3 I would have to have it loaded up with Eagles songs and Skynard songs as well as some great country tunes..One that was a great hit for me as I was sawing on the fiddle was "Devil went down to Georgia" and "Orange Blossom Special" they will bring a house down at the end of a night. Believe me I know I done it many times..I, like a lot of the posters here, of course, grew up in the 60's and I loved that music..Simple stuff, simple words and people still love to hear it if your playing the Legion...But for live entertainment you cant beat Eagles and Skynard..That music will bring the young out of the old folks and the old into the young folks..It always amazed me when we would play
songs like Hotel California and Sweet Home Alabama and you look out in the crowd and you have 20 year olds mouthing the words and jumping up and down like your singing something from their era...was strange...So I guess good music will last through the span of time...If it good, it's just good forever...

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