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 Posted: Mon May 8th, 2006 05:46 pm
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Not sure of overrated or underrated, but my 2 cents is that to say that any given 2000-man brigade is no better or worser than any other 2000-man brigade of Virginians, or Ohioans or Pennsylvanian or Georgians. All had their heroes and their sad sacks, strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest difference is the leaders. Looking at the resume of a very good leader, one sees a good brigade somewhere in their command history. Many brigade excell under one commander and later waver under another, less able, commander.

I cannot think of any particular brigade that did not show tremendous grit. After a couple weeks of campaigning all had seen enough blood, mud, heat, lousy food, dumb orders, destruction, cold and dust to be the best. There is not a soldier, doughboy, dogface or grunt that cannot claim to be in the best brigade...



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