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 Posted: Sat Apr 5th, 2008 05:20 pm
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Johan, what a great description of digging entrenchments.

Some members of the Bull Run Civil War Round Table have CW entrenchments in their back yards.  They haven't been disturbed by construction, but have eroded somewhat.  Also trees have grown up and will eventually destroy them as the shallow root balls move the soil.

I believe the earthworks were originally built by Confederate troops for the winter encampment of 1861-62.  Control of that part of Fairfax County shifted back and forth several times, so it's possible the Union troops used them too.

Knowing how dense the natural vegetation is here in our Virginia jungle, I wonder how on earth anybody could dig anything.  The shrubs and trees, not to mention briars and poison ivy, cottonmouths and rattlers, ticks and chiggers - you get the idea.  Maybe they threw up their earthworks in open land, cow pastures and corn fields, where there was already a clear field of fire.  And plenty of fence rails to steal.  There weren't any fences left at the end of the war.


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