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 Posted: Mon Apr 7th, 2008 06:09 pm
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I am finally reading Last in their Class.  I am loving it .  I have learned so many things I did not know before about West Point and the graduates. 

One issue that I found very interesting is that the imortals (the lowest ranked cadets) may have chosen to be there and worked hard to stay in the  bottom and still graduate so they could become cavalry instead of Engineers.  They wanted the fast paced life in the saddle and in battle as opposed to doing Engineering.

Another issue brought up and explained by the author was Pickett's charge may have been attempted as it had worked before for him in the Mexican War .  I had never read this before and found it very interesting . 

The antics of the cadets kept me laughing though part of the book.  The deeds of the men later as soldiers was impressive. 

I can just see Heth and Burnside pulling off the stunts they did at West Point.  Burnsides corrupted by Heth instead of Burnside reforming Heth as orginally planned.

I was amazed at how many men who were roommates at WP became leaders in opposition later on in the Civil War . 

Going to read Class of 46 after this to round out West Point study. 


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