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 Posted: Tue Apr 8th, 2008 12:51 am
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susansweet wrote:

I was amazed at how many men who were roommates at WP became leaders in opposition later on in the Civil War .  



Also, teachers and students who opposed each other in the war. Even USMA commandants who were up against their own students.  Take for example, Lt General William J. Hardee who was the USMA commandant of cadets while John Bell Hood was a student. Hardee  was later outranked by Hood when his former student was promoted over the senior-in-rank Hardee to succeed Johnston during the Atlanta Campaign in 1864.

That book was just chock-full of interesting facts and very readable. I am surprised it didn't do better in book sales. I still think the cover design may be a detriment, because it doesn't really tell waht they book is-- about until you read the fine print.

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