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)__ Still haven't got positive proof of some but here's  a couple tid-bits.

Charles J. Hulslander was a Corp.  Union  16th Calvary Pa. Died 7-28-1864

Jacob Hulslander was a Pvt.  Union  86th Inf. N.Y. Co. E  died 9-12-1862

Isaac Hulslander was a Pvt.  Union  43rd Inf. Illinois. (My dad's great uncle)Fought at Shiloh Tennessee 4-6-1862

Frank  Hulslander may have been a deserter . Not sure. Could have re-enlisted after that.

Randolph Burger was a Pvt.  Union   Il. 16th Calvary Co. F captured 3-1-1864 at Jonesville , Va. ( Survived ? )

John Bryner was Adjunt Col. Union   Il. Inf.  1st battle at Farmington,Miss 5-9-1861 plus 7 other battles.

B. Burger was a Pvt.  Confederate  Orleans Fire Reg. La. Milita Co. A

A.H. Burger was a Confederate 35th Inf. Tn.(5th Inf) (1st Mountain Rifle Reg.)

A.L. Burger was a Confederate 19th Reg. Inf. Alabama

Abraham Burger Confedertae  57th Reg.Va. Inf.

Andrew J Burger  Confedertae 65th Reg. Inf. Ga.

I have a "BIG" group for all the surnames but just thought I'd give you a few.


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