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 Posted: Sat May 13th, 2006 12:44 pm
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I can still remember my girls friends and I sitting in a row at the Arden Theatre in Lynwood California watching the Horse Soldiers.  We were in 9th grade.  Of course none of us knew anything about the Civil War except Grant and Lee and Lincoln.  We loved the movie.  We loved John Wayne. 

Two years ago I sat with others in a class at the high school here in Huntington Beach.  A class though the adult school taught on the Civil War though the use mainly of films.  This time I think I laughed though half the movie.  It was such a 50's movie .  Uniforms never get dirty , Hair never gets messed up and my favorite was the soldiers riding singing with  a full orchestra behind them . 

I have learn recently my great great grandfather was one of those Confederates chasing Grierson. He took part in some of the skirmishes before he left the service . 

The scenery along the way is wondeful It was fun to see who the supporting actors were .  The John Ford usuals. 

As to Gone with the Wind  I recently saw it on a big screen with a whole bunch of Civil War buffs and others at an old Art Deco theatre in San Pedro.  I think you are right the best part of the movie is the war period.  After the war it isn't as interesting .  But seeing it on a big screen was exciting 

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