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 Posted: Tue Apr 15th, 2008 02:50 am
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Johnny Huma
Johnny Huma

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Well I was there at 10:00 Am this morning and was really impressed with the whole building. The looks are great and really blend into the surroundings..I will go along with the airport look in the main lobby which did not charm me too much. The Museum was really nice and looks great. They let you take pictures in there also. I think because the glass everything is behind looks a bit tinted I would believe for that reason only. There are screens with little movies going on about the battle all through the Museum. It is a little cramped in there with a lot of people but still well done. A little confusing when you first go in. The museum houses some artifacts I did not realize were in the old museum. Like the pen that Grant and Lee used for signing the surrender. The ball that was taken from the Barn at the Trostle Farm that was thought to make the hole in the barn. I watched the movie "New Birth Of Freedom"..It is 22 minutes long and cost 8.00 to watch it.  Save your money...The Theater is really nice with great sound..Wish they would have had something better than that. I was not really impressed there. If you know anything about the CW than this film will teach you nothing...If your going bring your Credit Cards and your first born. The prices are high in the gift shop..If you look around town you will find some of the items are much cheaper. Ex..DVD selling in town for $ 15 to $ 19 bucks..In the gift shop same DVDs sell for $ 25...Same with the books..There are some items there you wont find downtown so if you want them you will have to get them there. If any are familiar with the card game DIXIE they have 1st Bull Run and Shilo but at a cost of $70.00 I but them back...I managed to buy one thing there a Plastic Cooperman Fife for $ 10.00 the going price for them...And I was really impressed with it..It sounds better than my 1863 Firth and Pond...:)..I am sure when the Cyclorama Painting is back up in September it will make it a bit nicer..Was a little dissapointed with so few Battlefield Guides on hand for the first day...Could not get one for 2 hours and I did not have that long to wait around...All in all it is nice but dont forget your wallet...

Johnny Huma

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