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 Posted: Mon May 15th, 2006 08:14 pm
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For those of us who live and breath Franklin, this is a very cool story. It'll be in the news section of CWi tomorrow, but I couldn't wait...

Civil War enthusiasts rally around tattered flag

"... The flag was issued in February 1864 and was carried at the front of one of Mississippi's most famous regiments, under Lt. Gen. William Joseph Hardee and Maj. Gen. Patrick Ronayne Cleburne.

Carrying the flag was Cpl. Joseph T. McBride. He was killed at the Battle of Franklin while attempting to breach the Federal Works near Fountain B. Carter's cotton gin.

The gun smoke was so thick, soldiers walked with their hands in front of their faces to help them breathe.

"It was a deadly honor to be a color guard because he was the first person people shot at," Tarr said. "The other side would want to try and cause confusion. No matter what side of the war you fought on, the flag was about gallantry and bravery in fighting."

Lose the flag, and morale was lost.

Somehow, a 17-year-old union private named John Gregory with the 2nd Indiana Light Artillery came across the flag....."

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