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 Posted: Tue Apr 15th, 2008 08:32 pm
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My southern ancestors were anything but tacky.  They came to America before the Revolution.  They worked the land , moved into the wilderness first in the Carolinas.  When time came they volunteered and fought in the Revoultion .  One of them at King's Mountain as a South Carolina Militia Captain. 

After the Revolution they moved west opening the wilderness up to settlement , working the land as farmers.   They lived in Tennessee , Mississippi and Arkansas.  All of them farmers , some had large farms , some small.  some scarped to make aliving . others were owners of large acres of land with large home , growing acres of cotton.

When the time came they answered the call of the Confederacy and fought in various units. 

After the War one of my anscesters moved on into Indian Territory.  One female ran a school in her home for her own children and others .  One branch became leading citizens of Memphis and Collierville.  They still own the large farm the Confederate Soldier owned.  This modern day cousin's grandfather was the Mayor of Memphis at one time, Her mother a leading art teacher and author in the City.

Another ancestor went on to Texas and founded a newspaper ran it for over 50 years.  His female children became a lawyer , principal and children's author, and the youngest a high school teacher .

My mother's father was a carpenter who died quite young , his daughter my mother worked hard to go to school during the depression graduating with high honors.  She became a math teacher and later a 6th grade teacher. 

None of these people would I consider to be tacky.  I am proud of my southern ancestory and don't think of them as being tacky nor would I brag about being tacky.

They all worked hard to better themselves or make it easier on the next generation to go futher in their lives.  Some make great sacrifices . 


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