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 Posted: Tue Apr 15th, 2008 10:55 pm
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Bama exactly what I was saying in my post.  My roots go deep in the southern soil of my mother's family.  Some were poor dirt farmers, some were land owners , some were higly educated professionals.  All types of people .  But none were redneck buffoons .  They were hardworking people even the poorest .  I am proud of all of them .  As i am sure you are proud of your family. 


By the way my southern grandmother didn't always pronouce words correctly or have a good education but she was a wonderful god fearing woman.  She could make the best quilts around .  Try to find the stiches in her quilting .  She taught Sunday School most of her life,  After her husband died and left her with three small children she did what ever she could to put food on the table for them.  Worked for a crossroads store , postmaster of a small post office (yes she always said she was a post master !!!)   She buried her son, mother and husband all with in an 18 month period.  She struggled on as did her brothers and sisters.  She managed to get a college education for my mother and secretial school for my aunt in the middle of the depression .  Proud she was my Southern Grandmother.

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