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 Posted: Thu Apr 17th, 2008 10:18 pm
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He was felled by a volley, I don't think it would have been possible to blame one man. Also Jackson wasn't as popular w/ his men as post war writers might have us believe. He wasn't sainted until after the war.

Was he "fragged?" I've read the article mentioned earlier. It was far from convincing, I doubt it greatly.

Consider a couple things: it was dusk and earlier in the day US Cav had hit a column and scared the bejesus out of a lot of soldiers. Several Regimantal and Brigade commanders in the area had been warned that US Cav was lurking in the area hoping to pounce. It was dusk, Jackson and his small group were not where they were supposed/expected to be. They were approaching the CS lines from the wrong direction. I have read, don't ask me where, that his small party thought the troops they were approaching were US. The CS troops they were approaching were jumpy and fired the fatal volley. Bad luck for Jackson.

Even if the man who pulled the trigger were known, it wouldn't be fair to criminalize the man.

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