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 Posted: Fri Apr 18th, 2008 05:39 pm
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Lee's forgotten general

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Rob, Smoothbore Volley is a really good collection of essays and I think you will enjoy it.  In addition to the lead essay on the wounding of Jackson, there are also really good biographical essays on Maxcy Gregg and Robert Rodes.  There's also an interesting essay in there on McLaws and Longstreet in the Tennessee Campaign.

Krick is highly opinionated (I think it is fair to term him "acerbic").  He has a pretty intense dislike for Longstreet, for example.  But in terms of scholarship, he's excellent, especially on details related to Jackson's wing of the Army.  Plus, he writes very well and has an easy to read style.  For those interested in the Army of Northern Virginia, he's probably the modern day D.S. Freeman.

Another thing I really like about this book in particular is the footnotes are right at the bottom of the page.  Since Krick puts a lot of good stuff in his notes (much like Pfanz does in his books on Gettysburg), it's nice to have them right there.  I also tend to like to know where a statement is coming from, so I am a fan of having notes at the bottom of the page rather than hidden at the end of the book.

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