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 Posted: Fri Apr 18th, 2008 07:36 pm
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Well guys I have lived in "earthquake country " my whole life.  I have never had anything fall off the walls or break during an earthquake.  The worst I experience was a bell hanging in my window started ringing once when I was in college. 

Most of the epicenters for the three big earthquakes I have been in were too far away from me to do much damage to me or my house. 

My mother had a vase break in 71 during the Silmar earthquake .  It fell off and hit a metal stand and cracked.  My brother slept though that one as he had during the Tehacipi earthquake in 1952.  

The Northridge earthquake shoke my house pretty good but no damage. 

I had a small rolling earthquake roll right under me as I sat on the floor of my classroom working on a project after school one day.  It tickled .

This website tells you how earthquakes are rated .  Interesting information . 


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