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 Posted: Mon Apr 21st, 2008 06:00 pm
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Dennis , isn't it nice others get to experience earthquakes ?  They are always saying they don't want to live in California because of them.  Now they have come to the midwest. 

Seriously I have always been taught to never get on an elevator in an earthquake for exactly the reason you stated.  They tend to stop. 

A friend of mine was just going to step into the elevator at the City Hall in San Jose just as the Loma Pirita Earthquake hit.  She made a big dive for under her desk instead.  The building was tall enough they figured it sway several inches both ways during the quake. 

She had an Old California style bungalow which had to be inspected before she could re enter it  .  Soooooo she camped in her backyard for several days.  s


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