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 Posted: Mon Apr 21st, 2008 06:37 pm
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Ashbel , thanks , he is a nice guy.  He actually remembered me the second time I came in to the bookstore three years apart.  He said hello to me and then said to his friend there, this is the lady that spends 100 dollars at least when she comes in .  I said that was only that one time.  Well he finally rang me up and I had topped it.  He turned to the other guy and said see I told you so.  I laughed.

It's a good bookstore.  I added to my collection , Terry's Texas Rangers, Berdans , Army of Tennessee and The Cunningham book on Shiloh which is a favorite of mine now.  That and the pile of postcards.  I have a group of friends that have gotten use to me sending them a post card from sites I visit. 


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