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 Posted: Tue Apr 22nd, 2008 10:22 pm
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I think the last time I was there may have been sometime in '98 or '99, so it's been removed since then.

When I lived in Jackson, TN (from '94 to 2000) my neighbor was some kind of Director for the Jackson-Madison County Parks District. She hired me to lead a tour group of Shiloh. Anyway, after moving to Illinois, I am still in contact with her. She e-mailed me and told me it'd brak my heart to know what was going on with some of my old "haunts", one of which was that they changed the name of Bloody Pond. Personally, I consider her a reliable source, so I figure the name change must be true. I may look up the Park website for Shiloh and see what (if) it says.

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