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 Posted: Fri Apr 25th, 2008 07:11 pm
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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I've just joined the Discussion Board, and I thought that a proper introduction was in order.

As executive director of the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield, IL, our curator and I completed seven years of research on CW field embalming and funeral service in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and then we went public in 2006 by offering field demos at re-enactments in Illinois.  We portray embalming surgeons Drs. C. B. Chamberlain and Benjamin F. Lyford, and with the help of volunteers, we're able to walk spectators through the process of preparing remains on the field for shipping or burial.

Our backgrounds are in American history and museums, and we see this as an extension of the Museum's educational programming efforts.  You might like to visit the Museum's web site at  Feel free to stop by as well as ask questions.

I've always been fascinated by the War, and my CW ancestors served the North and include the Regimental Chaplain (direct line) and Regimental Surgeon (collateral line) of the 122nd IL Infantry Vols, the Hospital Steward of the 18th KY Infantry Vols, and various privates, corporals, and sargeants in IL regiments.

I look forward to meeting you in time.

Your humble servant,

Jon Austin

aka Dr. Benjamin Lyford, Embalming Surgeon, Washington City, D.C.

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