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 Posted: Fri Apr 25th, 2008 11:45 pm
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Chuck -

Scratch the Rupp House. This just came across the Gettysburg Discussion Board:

"The Rupp House is closed due to lack of staffing.  All former RH staff still
employed as of the New Year are now  employees of Event Network at the VC's
Museum Shop.  There seems to be several stories circulating about the Center
reopening.  Last I heard Membership was trying to recruit volunteers to open
it on weekends.  This will probably not happen this weekend in time for
Spring Muster. Those of you who know me realize that it hurts my heart to see the Center closed, even temporarily.  I was among a small dedicated group that saw it
through some very difficult times.  Change is always good, but let's hope
the Foundation can find a middle ground that allows a wonderful resource
like the Rupp House to reopen."

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