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 Posted: Sat Apr 26th, 2008 12:09 am
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I would like to finish my trips following the Oregon Trail and Lewis and Clark Trails.  I have done parts of them but not the whole thing.  Big section in the middle I missed on Lewis and Clark,  Beginings of Oregon Trail. 

Spend more time visiting battlefields .  and other historical sites all over the United States. 

I did the Eurail pass when I was young substitute teacher  and living at home so saved money for the summer .  Loved it then.  Not sure I wouldn't want to travel first class all the way now.  That said I would love to return to England and see more of the country outside London.  Never did get to Cantabury or Stonehenge. 

Spend time seeing the historical sites and museums of Washington .  I have two friends whose names are on the Wall.  I need to visit them. 

See the sites of New York.  Go to the top of the Empire State Building .  Ride a carriage in the park.  Go to the Museums.  Visit Tiffany's .  I loved the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's .  I don't look anything like Audry Hepburn but I can pretend.  See a Broadway show.  Stand in Times Square . 

Guess that is enough for now.



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