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 Posted: Sun Apr 27th, 2008 01:23 am
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The Bull Run Civil War Round Table meets at the public library in Centreville, second Thursday of the month, year around.  Some of us meet for dinner at a restaurant across the street, but it's unofficial.

Most meetings have 40-50 people, special guest speakers like Ed Bearss draw lots more.  Our members are well informed and several have written books, but we're not all in that category.  Because there are many retired military people in the area, it's not surprising to find them in the RT as well.  Our president is a retired colonel, others include a retired skipper of a nuclear attack sub, a retired 4-star USAF general, an astronaut.  Two are high-level civilians in the Pentagon.

We make several field trips a year, car-pooling from the library.  In March we chartered a bus and followed Booth's escape route from Ford's Theater to Garrett's farm.  On May 10, we're going to the Wilderness.

Dues are $15 a year, "We're cheap but we're proud!"  We have a used-book table set up in the back of the meeting room, proceeds go to the RT treasury.

We support preservation by donations to CWPT, Brandy Station, and other preservation groups.  Maybe even more important, the exec. committee stays well informed about proposed zoning changes, designation of historic sites, road construction, etc.  Active participation at hearings in Fairfax and Prince William Counties, lobbying to protect and defend.

Most of the members are men, which suits me fine :=)).  We're mostly 40 and above.  But the women are as gung-ho, active, and informed as the men.

I wouldn't miss a meeting for anything.  Patty

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