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 Posted: Thu Jun 1st, 2006 03:26 am
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Brian Downey

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Let me add my thanks, Joe, for creating the CWI Blog listing - I agree there are a lot of good things going on online these days, particularly on the Civil War era. 

On comments: I expect all bloggers would like to have more direct participation from readers, but don't have high expectations.  I'd guess most of us are satisfied if we've put anything out there that's even worth reading.

Even though there may be few comments, I think there's actually quite a bit of give and take going on, as we read and react to each other in our own posts.   Look for trackbacks, links, and other references in blog posts for evidence of this.

It's a fairly small community, still, and we all read one another and have regular visitors, so I don't think much is going unnoticed ...

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