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 Posted: Tue Apr 29th, 2008 04:09 am
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If anyone has a chance to see the PBS series "Carrier", by all means tune in. Just watched hour 3 & 4 tonight and watched 1 & 2 last night. This may be the best, most honest depiction of life in the military today that's been shown in many years.. So honest in fact that all I can think is "how did the military even allow this to be shown?".

It focuses on life on the USS Nimitz as it is now - not your usual run-of-the-mill depiction you usually see on Military Channel/History Channel, etc. This is about the people - the kids mostly. It shows the good, and sometimes the very bad. The doubts, the immaturity, the remarkable maturity and the confusion that all these kids go through. It's rare that a show can evoke a single emotion from me. But this one, so far, has evoked pride, shame, empathy, bitterness and a myriad of others. Man, what a show. BTW, Mel Gibson is listed as one of the Executive Producers. And believe it or not - it has a great soundtrack! Seriously, this is a don't miss.

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