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 Posted: Thu Jun 1st, 2006 09:36 pm
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"...neo-Confederates is deafening"

Wait a minute... Really, that post serves no purpose other than to "stir the pot" so to speak. I think that the lack of comments in the press makes perfect sense. This event means nothing. It doesn't warrant a response from them - or any other southern preservationist organization either. If nobody cares - then nobody goes - then they get no press - and the event drifts away into a forgotten memory. I totally understand why there is silence across the board. And I stand by the fact that they have an equal right to express their opinion as any other organization in the United States (right or wrong - positive or negative). This is not a "long festering disgrace" as you stated, it is a perfect example of the very freedoms and liberties that we all should be grateful for whether it's the Christian Coalition, or The Girl Scouts, or yes even the KKK. The fact that they have the ability to hold this rally is a testament to the very same American soldiers who fought and died on battlefields around the world.

For example, I am a strong Christian-Conservative and I really-really-really dislike Michael Moore. However, I thank God everyday that I live in a country where people like Michael Moore can create a movie specifically for the purpose of slandering and insulting the President and that movie is shown in theaters across the country. That my friend is freedom and the American way. Try having a racist rally or show a anti-government film (on federal property no less) in another (less-blessed) country and chances are you'll end up in jail (or worse). I just choose to look at things like this in a positive light and not give them the attention that is craved by the organizers.


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