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 Posted: Thu Jun 1st, 2006 10:19 pm
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I respect your views, but I really diagree with much of your post. First of all, some pots need to be stirred.

Tecumseh can speak for himself, but what I took from his post was not criticism of the press, but criticism of the "new" SCV for keeping quiet. Your contention that to speak out against the rally merely provokes undeserved attention flys straight in the face of what the SCV claims their mandate is - to protect the honor of the Confederate banner. So evidently the way they protect the true meaning of the flag is by curling up in a corner while that banner is disgraced by a bunch of mental cripples in sheets.

I can't count the number of press releases we've received from the SCV when it suits their agenda, but suprisingly not a single one decrying this rally. Nothing would thrill us more than to run the headline "SCV Decries Klan Abuse of Confederate Flag". But alas, no release. Denny Sweeney, who I guess is the Commander in Chief of the group even called me two weeks ago to complain about something we wrote. Surprise - he didn't take the opportuniity then either. I'm sorry Mike, if that's how they fight for what they claim they stand for, then they should step aside and let a group slightly more sincere take the helm.

This isn't a question of the Klan's right to rally. It's a question of the true purpose of the SCV, and whether they stand with or against the Klan. As for your last comments regarding Michael Moore, it really should have been put in another forum, so all I'll say is it isn't slander if it's true. Take care...

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