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 Posted: Wed Apr 30th, 2008 02:28 pm
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Good morning :)  another new person for the masses here, whilst googling to try to find a friendly CW forum, this one popped up and I thought I'd giving it a try.

Im Shannon, 39 (almost 40) an avid genealogist and an ex reenactor (I did it in the middle-late 80's)

Right now Im in the process of planning a CSA stone dedication for my husbands 3rd great grandfather and Im trying to find some information about infirmary camps around the time of the Battle of Mine Run (I posted what I was looking for in the genealogy section)

I have been doing genealogy research since a school project when I was 13 sparked the interest for me and have been obsessed ever since.  I am a descendant of WP Inman (the man portrayed in the book/movie, written by my cousin, Cold Mountain (its my one and only "claim to fame" lol.  It was actually research on the Inmans back in 1980 that got me interested in research (WAYYYYY before my cousin even wrote the book).  I love research so much I run a genealogy forum specifically to help other people because I can't get enough of just researching my own lol

Anyway....I've rambled....said hi.....and I look forward to posting with you!!!

***since I have permission, this is the link to my genealogy forum

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