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 Posted: Wed Apr 30th, 2008 04:46 pm
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I enjoyed "Carrier" too. I was a little miffed when one of the super macho jet jockeys said that Air Force fighter  pilots are the ones that wear a silk scarf with their flight suits. I guess not having a scarf makes a fighter pilot better???? Smart a*&^%. Just gotta have some competition between service branches.

It's a tough life, though. I wouldn't trade places with any one of them. Worse, being a woman on those ships would carry some very difficult challenges.

I'm glad Hubby and I toured an aircraft carrier (World War Two vintage) at Charleston so as to have some feel for the proportions, how crowded things are and the flight deck.  We didn't get a chance, of course,  to experience the noise of jets taking off. I bet that is deafening.

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